Here we'll display the first art on our NFT journey.
Click on any of the images below and it will take you to, there you can view the process and purchase (if there's still stock) one of our drawings.

Artist: JessyTsuki

Jessy "JessyTsuki" Perez is a 21 year old girl from Chile, she's currently studying Digital Design. Her work consist of many colors and her full imagination at display. Find their work below and you can also click on the icons to follow her on social media.

Artist: Felirami

Luis Felipe "Felirami" Ramirez is a guy who likes to draw a lot but has not much patience with the art he creates, he's 26 years old and is from Chile, he works mainly in analogue and has been introducing himself into the digital art. You can follow him on social media clicking on the icons and also you can view or buy his art clicking on the images below.